Ultima Mapper is the new mapping application for Ultima Online Classic and Enhanced clients that allows users to share the entire experience, rather than just their whereabouts.

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Coordinate and Facet Tracking
View your current position, no matter where you are in Sosaria!

Health Status
Worried about your friend?  View their health status in near real-time!

Battle Status
With a glance, see who is currently engaged in battle.

Automatically Mark Corpses
No longer will you have to search the area for your corpse.  When you die, a marker is dropped on your corpse, so you can easily find your way back.

Window Transparency Setting
Set the map window transparency level, and you can overlay it on other applications to save screen real estate.

Window Border Toggle
There’s no need to have that window border cluttering everything up, just turn it off!

Stay On Top Toggle
Keep your map visible at all times easily, or turn off the “Always On Top” option to send it to the background.

Follow Any Player
Need to see where another player and what they’re doing?  Ultima Mapper makes it easy to track the whereabouts of other players.

Search Markers and Center on any Marker
Tired of searching UOGuide or dragging all over UOCartographer to find a dungeon entrance?  The find feature allows you to quickly search, and with a double-click see just where you need to be.

Marker Transparency Setting
Markers getting in your way, but you don’t want to disable them?  Set the marker transparency setting, and you’ll only see them at full opacity when you move your mouse over them.

Support for Displaying (X, Y) or Lat/Long Coordinates
Display player and mouse coordinates in either format, or Go To either set of coordinates easily via the right-click menu.

Server Lines Overlay
Need to know exactly where those pesky server lines are in relation to your current position?  Easy!  Turn on the overlay.

SOS Regions Overlay
Wondering where you’ll need to be for SOS scrolls?  This overlay will show you the common regions for SOS chests.

Guard Zones Overlay for Fel/Tram
Easily distinguish guard zones for Fel/Tram, so you can get safe in a pinch.

Multiple Classic Client Support
Easily swap which client is being tracked when you use the Classic Client.  Just right-click and choose “Select Client”!

UOAssist API Support
Running Mapper with UOA is pie.


Supports Enhanced Client, and Classic Client.
Windows: here
MapWindow.Lua for EC Users who do not use a UI Mod: here (Right-click the link, and select “Save As”)

Windows: here
Mac OS X: here
Linux: here


What Operating Systems are supported by the client?

Windows 7, Vista, and XP.  The application is a 32-bit binary, which also runs on 64-bit systems.

What Operating Systems are supported by the server?

The server runs as a UI application on Windows XP+ 32- or 64-bit, Linux, or Macintosh OS X computers.

How do I get Ultima Mapper to work with the Enhanced Client?
UM’s EC support relies on Pinco’s UI Mod, or a custom MapWindow.lua file for position and battle logging. For support when not using a UI Mod, follow these steps:

  1. Extract the Default.zip file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\UserInterface\ directory
  2. Download the MapWindow.lua file in the downloads section, and place it in the following directory under your Enhanced Client program files directory: UserInterface\Default\Source
    Directory Example for Windows 7/Vista/XP 64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\UserInterface\Default\Source

    Directory Example for Windows 7/Vista/XP 32-bit: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\UserInterface\Default\Source

    When starting Ultima Mapper for the first time, it is setup to use the Enhanced Client out of the box.  It attempts to automatically locate your install directory.  If your EC support is not working after installing the modified MapWindow.lua, and enabling Ultima Mapper support in Pinco’s UI Mod’s settings, you may need to set the EC install directory within the program options by right-clicking the map and selecting “Settings.”  This directory should point to the EC root directory, such as:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Enhanced Client\

    If logging isn’t working when you are not using Pinco’s, please be sure that you have selected the second “Default” listing under User Interface options.

    How do I get Ultima Mapper to work with the Classic Client?

    In order to enable Classic Client support, you must right-click the map, select “Settings”, and un-check the “Use Enhanced Client” checkbox under the “Client” section.  Once you click “OK” on that window, you should be prompted to select your current client.

    Why can’t I see my character name in the “Select Client dialog -OR- Why isn’t my health tracking working?

    In order for the application to read your character information in the Classic Client, your character status window must be open.  This is the window you see when you drag off of your character with your mouse.  It can either be in the condensed “three bars” form, or the expanded information panel form.

    Why can’t my friends see me right after I connect?

    For the Enhanced Client, your status is only updated when you are moving.  If you are not moving, then others will be unable to see your health or battle status, or your current position when first connecting.  For the Classic Client, you must force an update when you connect by moving around a few tiles and triggering the client to send the information to the server.  This is part of the spam-prevention mechanism, and is intended behavior.

    Why don’t I see the map after the application has completely loaded?

    Ultima Mapper remembers the position of the window each time it is closed.  Therefore, if you have dragged the window out of the viewable area of your desktop, you may not be able to locate it the next time you launch the program.  In order to fix this issue, you should end the Ultima Mapper process via the Windows Task Manager, then hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while launching Ultima Mapper the next time.  You should press down on the key immediately after starting the application launch, and release it only after the map is fully loaded.

    Why do I receive “Not Responding” messages from Windows, when loading Ultima Mapper?

    In order to speed up the loading process, we don’t give the Operating System as much time back as it would like, so in some cases it may assume that the application has stopped working.  In these cases, you should always click “Wait for the program to respond”.

    How do I remove a “Corpse” marker, once I am resurrected and have retrieved my body?

    Right-click the marker on the map and select “Delete Marker” or “Clear Corpse Markers”.