Ultima Mapper

Player Tracking Refined

Ultima Mapper is a full-featured mapping application for Ultima Online, with support for health tracking, corpse tracking, and a whole lot more!

Ultima Mapper Client
Windows (64-bit)

UORadio Player (32-bit)

GUI Windows Server (32-bit) | GUI Linux Server (32-bit)
CLI Windows Server (64-bit) | CLI Linux Server (64-bit) | CLI Linux Server (32-bit ARM / rPi)
Full EC UI for Ultima Mapper | EC UI Installer (Experimental) | MapWindow.lua for EC
Map Files Installer


Get a Network

Ultima Mapper network rentals are now Free (donation-supported)!

To get a free 50-user Ultima Mapper network, contact MadMartyr via
email (madmartyr[at]ultimamapper.com)
Discord (MadMartyr#1094)

with the following information:
- Requested Network Name
- Desired Network Password


Where Can I Get Help? Frequently Asked Questions and Support are provided via the Discord server. Click Connect on the Discord widget above.
Discord: madmartyr#1094
Email: madmartyr@ultimamapper.com